A few weeks back I was lucky to get a vaccination against the Covid-19 virus that everyone in the world clamouring for, unless you live in virus-free New Zealand, thanks to the strict rules set by their government. Up here in the North, it has struck so close to home that now it is taken very seriously by many people who agree to fight this disease with medicine, which is the way to go. Having said that it’s time for some cheer.

More and more often I hear that people are leaning to the lighter side of things during these major lockdowns and it’s cheery to note that it’s fun and engaging. There are a lot of pajama workers out there, working from home, juggling babies, teaching homework to the kids (this is the only time that algebra has come in handy in my life), and zooming from one meeting to the next – you know what I mean.

Not too long ago, like a few weeks back, the outdoor square-dancing fiddlers were replaced by a pajama-wearing group, trying to shake off some blues and cabin fever. The ones who can afford gas-guzzling snowmobiles are trying to kick up a stir, but many are staying indoors this time around. 

I’ve noticed a lot of new faces in the working crowd, but I discover they are there to cover for those in isolation. I try to keep them occupied with a stupid story or joke, but that’s quickly turns into the ramblings of a masked old man whose tales are all set in the last century. In today’s time that’s eons ago. the norm today is trying to remember the meme you saw 10 minutes ago.

Having survived the longest January in recorded history, we head into the shortest month of the year and according to some groundhog, summer will be here in April. That doesn’t give much time for all the ski-lift operators or winter outdoor tourist activities, as many posts of lost vehicles are surfacing after trying to use their trucks to haul in some large fish. The ptarmigan are back in historic numbers, adorning trees and chewing gravel. It was nice to see that the net trap was used to capture several birds at a time, with quick and fresh food only slightly damaged from a knock to the skull but guaranteed not to lead to lead poisoning.

Even the lining up outdoors has changed my life, as I often opt to wait in the car and listen to Howard Stern who I can really relate to. We both like to poke fun at people, ridicule them sometimes, but many times I agree with his style of thinking. Like the historic Biden inauguration, when people were crying over their loss of the great orange-haired one. And then the door opens, and I have to tune to the latest dance hits to keep the young ones interested long enough to reach their destination. Later, Howie!

I managed to get back to work, with loads to catch up on, but most I did from home. It was just keeping Mother Computer fed with the right information and I was caught up. Nothing like a deadline to keep you on your toes and in the coffee. The phone is busy, long-lost colleagues who I see regularly in their pajamas are now replaced by the speakerphone. Aahh, pure comfort, working again.