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A visit to a Spirit Halloween outlet is a spooky experience

BY Sakib Hossain Oct 18, 2023

As the leaves transform into a vibrant array of autumn colours and a brisk, cool breeze gently embraces us, a singular realization dawns: Halloween is swiftly approaching. 

For many, this season brings eerie tales, costume creativity and an insatiable sweet tooth. It is also the time when Spirit Halloween, one of the largest Halloween retailers in North America, comes to life in a spectral fashion. So, we ventured into the captivating world of spooky sales, and visited the downtown Montreal location (450 St. Catherine St. W.), where we spoke with store manager Linda.

Spirit Halloween is not just a store – it’s an experience. As Linda explained, this will be Spirit’s 40th season of bringing the mystique of Halloween to life, and every year, their stores mysteriously appear in August and vanish again after November 2. The legend of these stores appearing overnight adds to the enchantment of the Halloween season.

Spirit Halloween is a phenomenon that spans Canada and the United States. Linda manages one of the largest locations in downtown Montreal. With over 1,500 job opportunities in Canada alone, the retailer provides employment and Halloween joy to many Canadians.

Linda’s journey with the company began last year when she worked as a salesperson at another location. This year, she was called back to serve as the manager of the downtown Montreal store. Her experience and dedication highlight the importance of a passionate team to make each Halloween season unforgettable.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Spirit Halloween is its knack for predicting costume trends. According to Linda, this year’s top choices are Barbie and Wednesday from the Addams Family for women, while the classic Ghost Face remains a favourite among men. These insights give us a glimpse into the Halloween costume landscape in 2023.

Spirit Halloween is not just about costumes. It is a place where the spirit of Halloween is alive all year round. From board games like Spirit Halloween Monopoly to accessories and stylish home decor, Spirit Halloween offers more than costumes – it provides a way for super fans to embrace the spooky aesthetic beyond October.

With the season in full swing, and the anticipation for the scariest time of the year building, Spirit Halloween stands ready to inspire and delight. With Linda as our guide, we ventured into the heart of this Halloween wonderland, where the magic of the season is brought to life year after year, leaving us with a sense of wonder and excitement that only Halloween can provide. 

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