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Cree Nation promotes agreement and business opportunities to Montreal mayor

Jul 5, 2019

During a 30-minute meeting with Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante June 14, the Cree Nation Government discussed a variety of business opportunities, cultural issues and explored ideas to promote the Paix des Braves agreement.

CNG Federal and Indigenous Relations Director Tina Petawabano told the Nation that the meeting between Grand Chief Abel Bosum, Plante and Montreal Indigenous Affairs Commissioner Marie-Ève Bordeleau was a learning experience.

Petawabano said it was a chance for the CNG to “share our successes and tell our story.’’

Bosum elaborated on the 2002 Paix des Braves agreement with the Quebec government, she added. He introduced the business side of the Board of Compensation, which include Air Creebec, hotels, a construction company and other business activities. Professional support, particularly legal and financial, for Cree business activities was discussed while education and post-secondary programs were also part of the Cree story presented to Mayor Plante.

Also, in attendance was Cree School Board Chair Sarah Pash. She discussed repatriation of cultural items such as the beaded hood that is currently housed in a Montreal museum. The Cree Nation Government would like to have such items transferred to the Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute in Ouje-Bougoumou.

Albert Rondeau, the Chief Operating Officer of the Board of Compensation and CreeCo, discussed the building of the CNG’s new Duke Street offices, which they hope will house most, if not all, of the Cree departments now present in the city, including the Eenou-Eeyou Community Foundation.

One way to Cree culture and development would be to name a street or park “La Paix des Braves” to honour the historic agreement and to educate Quebecers about the Cree.

Petawabano suggested that it might be as appropriate to rename Duke Street as rue de la Paix des Braves. With its Old Montreal location, she said it would generate awareness among the area’s throngs of tourists and visitors.

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