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Voices ᐋ ᐄᔮᔨᐧᒫᓂᐧᐃᒡ

Blasé away

BY Sonny Orr Jul 5, 2019

Lately I was accused of being blasé about certain things, making fun of them and generally not caring about issues that concern us.

In a way, that’s true, and in a blasé way, I can just say it’s not my department. This could infuriate the many who want the fiery speeches and damn-the-dams slogans, those who beat the horse until it’s resurrected. But yawn… that’s boring. Anyone can complain about life and problems and other stuff that gets ’em in the craw, but then don’t do anything about it. For too many of us, life is just one big complaint department.

I, on the other hand, point out issues that take you on the thinking path to self-determination. I point out things that don’t fire you up but rather tickle the funny bone. For many, I bend the cranium just enough to make someone say, “Hey, wow!” I’d like to say awesome, but I don’t like to underrate myself.

So what does get me all fired up, one asks? I get all excited when I see a young person doing the same things that their parents and grandparents did when they were young and living off the land. At least the effort is there, emulation of our traditions is just as good for the spirit. Another thing that gets me going is all these square-dancing competitions. Woooweee!! Sometimes listening to the Fort George Reel just lights your dancing shoes on fire, or at least fans their embers. And when the kids can’t help themselves and just start dancing, it makes me and many others lighter of heart.

The young and their hidden talents should always be encouraged. Those like the piano player or the rubik’s-cube expert, or the dancers in their regalia, or the people who come out and pray for you. This last element doesn’t really send my excitement meter into the red zone, but we appreciate the quiet and that solace is good for us. If you are really riled up and hellbent on revenge, just sit back and relax and let karma satisfy everything. Sometimes it’s good to let the world turn around without your influence or efforts trying to change things you can’t.

In a way, I can be indifferent to those who choose to suffer on their own, who turn to substance abuse or alcohol. In many ways we all share that affliction, and yes, it is about self-control and not much else. So I can be as indifferent to those who, as I do, share in the suffering and needless pains. That’s because of the simple fact that it is entirely preventable. I get fired up about education in these matters and making the right choices in life and making the personal commitment that many choose – the choice to lead a good life.

I can go on, but I won’t. I have made my choice to speak about things that don’t really make any difference in your life other than a good read. So here’s a message to those who came together and celebrated life over our double long weekend holidays. Give life a chance and live it, it’s the only one you have. So enjoy it and make the most of it while contributing to the greater good. It makes you a better person in the end.

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Sonny Orr is Cree from Chisasibi, and has been a columnist for the Nation for over 20 years. He regularly pens Rez Notes from the cozy social club in Whapmagoostui where he resides.