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No hockey, no cry

BY Sonny Orr Jun 2, 2023

Now let’s get this straight. First the Canadiens go down, then the other Canadian team founders, then they all are gone. Who’s left to cheer for? Well, a few First Nations hockey players, that’s who.

Now another Canadian favourite has left a few hunters scratching their heads, huh? What happened to the fabled Canada goose migration this year? How to dress in camouflage and stay warm in this year’s unusual cold spell?

Spring? It’s lasting and lasting, snowfall after snowfall. Not in any blizzard style, but more of the weather for snow geese which keeps us outdoors and freezing in the name of getting more meat for the fridge.

This spring is a bit of an awkward start to what seems to be a good year. But now we know the dire news, it’s going to be a cold summer. I guess we have to think of new ways to keep entertained on those upcoming cold summer nights.

A new game could be just the thing to start. Let’s say, softball made from snow? The big difference is that when you miss you can still run to first base and the catcher can throw the snowball at you and you’re out, otherwise you can stay on first base.

Or kite flying could be used to battle those pesky drones, which are everywhere now. Or maybe take up some falcon training to be a Ferrari retriever of the skies, fetching your ptarmigan or ducks for you. If you upgrade to a golden or bald eagle, you could get your geese easily. Or maybe a small goat if you can afford one, to feed the carrion eaters of the air.

Since it will be a cold summer, maybe a triathlon to keep the body warm. With the cold swim kept to a minimum due to the possibility of getting hypothermia and croaking during the first kilometre of the race.

A good old square dance competition could bring out the heat in everyone, except let’s try a dance marathon in orer to break a few records while doing the Fort George Reel. I believe the record is just shy of 125 hours, so that’s a Monday to Friday folks. Consider getting shoes that fit well and are comfortable and don’t wear anything made of polyester.

And if the forecast calls for rain, just do indoor stuff like rearranging your furniture or decluttering the closets. You’d be surprised at what you find again and can’t part with, creating a vicious cycle of hoarding, knowing that they will never be of any value as a collectable. Think of all those Lego pieces you bought last century that have a knack for getting under your foot. I could use a robot vacuum cleaner to warn me of anything that could cause me to curse and frighten the children. 

Or you could always go fishing. The fish don’t care, they’re wet anyway.

Speaking of fishing, I’d like to see more than just fish getting caught. I’d like to witness some speedy fish fileting skills or some cooking contests, especially ones for the best smoked fish. The best part of any cooking contest – being one of the judges. 

All that should round out a short summer season. At least the risk of forest fires isn’t as hight as when it’s hot enough to fry an egg on your car rooftop. This is just a blessing in disguise, or in this case, in the skies.

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Sonny Orr is Cree from Chisasibi, and has been a columnist for the Nation for over 20 years. He regularly pens Rez Notes from the cozy social club in Whapmagoostui where he resides.