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Vaccine myths

BY Will Nicholls Apr 10, 2021

It’s been a lonely year for many. Many relationships have been tested, undergoing great stress in confined conditions with diminished finances. Often, they have broken down, leaving people even more alone, with the accompanying depression and other mental-health problems. 

While it’s hard to imagine when life might return to normal, hope is on the horizon. More and more vaccines are arriving and becoming available but there are still problems.

Social media, and especially Facebook, spreads dangerous misconceptions about vaccines and their supposed dangers – even though they claim to be removing deliberate misinformation that is often planted by arms of Russian and Chinese intelligence in order to sow division and chaos in western countries. We read them every day.

Myth: The Covid-19 vaccine is not safe because it was rapidly developed and tested. Truth: Here are many safety protocols before any vaccine can go to market. As for the timeline, just look at the yearly flu shots. They are new each year to deal with new strains. You can check out the data and process yourself by going the CDC’s vaccine tracker and get the facts for yourself.

Myth: There are many side effects of the vaccine. Truth: The side effects are usually mild and short lived. If you are worried, then just contact your local CLSC. Social media is claiming a mortality rate of 1-2 % for Covid-19 so we shouldn’t get vaccinated. However, a 1% mortality rate is 10 times higher than seasonal flu. You cannot get Covid from a vaccine, but you can help to prevent its spread. The smallpox vaccine was responsible for its eradication in earlier decades. The Covid vaccines cannot give you Covid-19.

Myth: There are Nano transducers, microchip tracking or DNA altering substances in the vaccines. Truth: No, no, no. Neither were foetal cells used or a part of the vaccines being used.

Myth: These vaccines cause miscarriages or infertility. Truth: There is no medical evidence of this. There have been no increases in miscarriage rates by women who have taken a vaccine.

Myth: The more recent AstraZenica vaccine causes thrombosis, a dangerous blood clot. This myth got a boost when several European countries, and now, unfortunately, a few Canadian provinces, suspended use of the vaccine because of these fears. In fact, the rate of thrombosis in those who received the vaccine is the same rate as those who hadn’t – less than one person in two million. As the European Medical Association noted, the benefits of the AstraZenica vaccine in preventing Covid-19, with its associated risk of hospitalisation and death, far outweigh the risks of side effects.

On a personal note, I received my vaccination shot in Montreal in late March. I want the people around me to be safe and I would like to be able to visit family and friends up North. We need to do all we can to end the situation we have found ourselves in and lead healthy lives. Please get vaccinated, if not for yourself then for others.

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Will Nicholls is a Cree from Mistissini. He started his career off in radio and is still one of the youngest radio DJ’s in Canadian history, having a regular show on CFS Moosonee at the age of 12. Will was one of the founding members of the Nation, and has been its only Editor-in-Chief.